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The effect of Anesthesia

'Anesthesia' by the Diamond Diva Princess is a sublime piece of hypno-media.  I first heard it some 7 months ago and it still induces the same glorious submissions every listen.  I wrote in verse to Diamond Princess soon after describing the effects it had on me.  I listened to the mp3 again today and decided to re-write the review.  Diamond Princess Herself describes some of Her files as 'super expensive', to me Anesthesia is priceless.

The effect of Anesthesia

To the very first delicious notes of the Diamond's ravishing melody,
my eyes widen, pupils dilate, and all focus is swiftly enchained.
My parched mouth moistens in a fervid expectation of every word,
as every sugar-coated intonation induces a stilted, faltering breath.

My vulnerable body trembles in silent repose, fettered to Her charm,
unable, indeed unwilling, to ever again resist the Diamonds sonnet.
And so swift, so soon, as if triggered by an unspoken expectation,
my eyelids yield in what is to become only the first submission.

A stuttering grown signifies my torso's surrender, upon heel another,
the sequence broken only by the Lady's inexorable commands.
Inhale...exhale...inhale....exhale.  A last phalanx of ego urges resistance,
but alas, as if duty bound, my own lungs offer the next relinquishment.

And no longer in control of my vision, nor even mine own breath, I ponder...
'So swift, so soon, such a compliant capitulation to Diamond's seduction'.
A silent exclamation screams from every pore I have yet left to muster,
'Oh God!  Oh God!  This rhapsody MUST stop!'....But I know now I can't.

Sighs, no not just sighs, whimpers and moans emanate from deep within,
as suddenly a realization arrests my Adam's fall.... I am now paralyzed.
Unable to move, bound by a Goddess's will, shackled and chained,
my whole body renouncing my claim and succumbing to Her enchantment.

So this...THIS is what it is to be helpless...truly undone...at Her mercy,

witnessing in enforced voyeurism, as my body becomes subject to Her melody.
Subjugation by seduction...appropriation by subjugation, now I see my folly,
for this is the way of the Diamond Princess, 'gainst which no man can endure.

What hope escape now?  For mankind's hope no longer lays in Pandora's box,
but in the Diamond Princess's.  And I marvel at Her benevolence to give me purpose.
And after all, it is such a dazzling, glittering, enchanting box.  I am now so tired.

And as I slip to unconsciousness, the box is bolted...and I am hers.